Gunsmoke # A Man A Day


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Matt Dillon: James Arness
Chester: Dennis Weaver
Doc: Milburne Stone
Kitty: Amanda Blake
Cooner: Val Dufour

Grice: Leonard Nimoy

altBessie Lee: Fay Spain
Carver: Roy Wright



A gang of criminals headed by Cooner plan to rob a gold shipment in Dodge City. Knowing that they will not have a chance to succeed as long as Marshal Dillon is around, they try to make him leave by bribing him. They call Chester to ride out to go to a remote farm. There Chester finds an elderly farmer in the hands of the gang.




Cooner introduces himself and his men: Carver and Grice. Chester is to tell Marshall Matt Dillon: If he's out of town the day of the robbery, he'll get $ 1.000. Grice hands him an envelope with the money.


If he doesn't leave the message is: A man a day.


A man a day means: First some people not close to Dillon, then Miss Kitty, then the doc and then Chester.



altAs Chester leaves to bring Dillon the message Chester tells Grice he'll be hanged or shot. Grice laughs: "I will ask Cooner whether I may be the one who shoots you if he doesn't leave."
Sheriff Matt Dillon doesn't leave.


The gang is well informed whether the sheriff is in or not. Indeed, each of the following days an innocent man is killed. When the sheriff learns about a lady in town riding out on a borrowed horse each day he questions her. Soon his suspicions become confirmed: she is Cooner's informer. He locks her into her hotel room.alt

Matt Dillon let's the gang know that he's going to be away. When the gang rides into town at night, Grice checks the sheriff's office: Empty.alt


So is the bank. No money is found in the open safe.




As they come out they are trapped. Out of the dark they hear the voice of the sheriff calling them to surrender or to be shot. They try to run. Carver and Grice are shot, Cooner is arrested.

Suddenly they hear a shot and Cooner goes down. Out of the dark Bessie appears holding a pistol in her hands. Dying Cooner asks her why she's shot him. Bessie is angry. She tells Cooner she knows he has double-crossed her. Denying this Cooner dies.
The sheriff wonders why she shot him and Bessie explains that she's told Cooner: If he ever betrayed her with another woman, she will kill him. And she confesses that the idea "a man a day" was her plan. This makes it easier for
Dillon to tell her: The idea that Cooner double-crossed her was his plan.

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