New England Fan Experience


2009 November

New England, USA

At this convention Leonard Nimoy is presented the Proclamation of Boston that November 14th is declared to be "Leonard Nimoy Day" in Boston.

Leonard Nimoy enjoying some joyful moments with Bonnie Moss.


Introduction: I would like to introduce to you now a gentleman who is a legend and I can't believe how lucky I am to bring to you at the New England Fan Experience Mr. Leonard Nimoy.


(Shouts and applause from the audience as Leonard Nimoy enters the stage)


We have something special we'd like to present to you. Paul Scott Aldred, the president of the United Fan Con for 18 years is starting a presentation for you right now.


Leonard Nimoy turns around. Paul Aldred: On behalf of the city of Boston I'd like to present you this proclamation from our Mayor, Thomas Menino, declaring today "Leonard Nimoy Day". (Shouts and applause from the audience)



To your honor, Sir, I am giving this proclamation to you.
LN: Thank you. Where is the mayor?
PA: He actually cannot be here today.
LN: Thank you very, very much, I am very flattered and it's great to be home. Thank you!
(applause and shouts)



The proclamation is read:


Boston native Leonard Nimoy first appeared on national television’s Star Trek series as Spock in 1963,

(the reader remarks:  that it was '66, right? )
LN: They went through all this trouble and they got it wrong.
(laughing from the audience)

and now has 45 years later, returned to that character in a film of the same name; and

Leonard Nimoy has returned to Boston this weekend to appear at the New England Fan Experience a multi-genre event which is geared towards public interest in learning more about science fiction, popular culture, gaming, animation, plus science and technology; and

New England Fan Experience Panels, seminars, workshops and discussions offer a well rounded entertaining learning experience, as a program that benefits Boston’s people, young and old; and

This weekend’s New England Fan Experience represents a remarkably interesting gathering of some of Massachusetts’ finest actors and artists, including Leonard Nimoy, local author Wen Spenser, and published manga artist, Bettina Kukouski; and

The City of Boston takes great pride in the cultural contributions of those who create entertainment in modern media and popular culture in our city; NOW

I, Thomas M. Menino, Mayor of the City of Boston, do hereby proclaim today, November 14, 2009 to be

Leonard Nimoy Day in the city of Boston.

(applause and shouts again)

LN: Thank you, thank you, is that all that it says?
Answer: That's right, it's all that it is.
LN: Do I get a key for the city?
A: You get a free meal.
LN: .... in the city hall?
A: I'll see what I can do about that.
LN: Thank you very much, that's great.


He takes the seat in the middle of the stage, shows some papers with questions like: Why did William Shatner try to drown you? (laughing form the audience), he talks about the weight of the clothing (the soaked coat weighed 15-20 pounds) which made him go down like a rock and asks:


"Did William Shatner came down after me? - no!" (laughing form the audience) ... Fringe (one episode is to be aired, two have been aired) .. website: ... Secret Selves opening at Mass MoCA ....

A part of clip #4:
Bonnie Moss compliments Leonard Nimoy on his performance of "Vincent" in Atlanta in 1980 and continues: " ... and I have an appreciation for your photography as well, I'm an advetisement for you here." Leonard Nimoy asks Bonnie to come up on stage. She is wearing a "Full Body Project" T-shirt.
Leonard Nimoy: Come on up here so that everybody can see this photograph. This lady is wearing a T-shirt which has one of my photographs on it. You got it from my website?  Come on up and stand here. This photograph was shot at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles. This is my version of a painting by Henri Matisse called "The Dance", and this was a group of burlesque performers who came from San Francisco and are now working in Los Angeles ... and we brought them to the Hammer Museum in the same kind of conformation as on Henri Matisse's painting and it's in the book called "The Full Body Project". The book is a photographic essay of body image in our culture .... there is an enormous industry around it: "buy this pills, buy this exercising program, buy this  ... and buy these clothes because that's what you really should look like."
(Asking Bonnie): "What is your question?"
Bonnie: (laughing): "How can I become one of these models?". (laughing from the audience)
Leonard Nimoy: Have you got the book?
Bonnie Moss: And the Shekhina
LN: The Shekhina book as well? I'm finished with that project and I moved on To Secret Selves, ....  and you're modeling for us here today! (Bonnie makes a modeling gesture - laughing from the audience again) Thanks a lot!


See clip #4 for this part of Leonard's stage panel.

On stage in New England: Leonard Nimoy reads the proclamation of "Leonard Nimoy Day"



These photographs by: Bonnie Moss


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