On the upcoming Star Trek movie Into Darkness
Personal Statements

2013 January 02 

By Gustavo Leao for Trekweb


Some time ago, I e-mailed Mr Leonard Nimoy and asked about his opinion on the upcoming Star Trekmovie Into Darkness. Nimoy, of course, appeared in the 2009 reboot movie. Today I received this very special message from him and I decided to share it with theTrekWeb community :

"Hello Gustavo: At this moment I have seen only what millions of others have seen of the new film. I have been pleased to hear from my children and grandchildren that they think it looks "awesome". I agree. I'm as excited as anyone can be, particularly considering my own history with Star Trek. The casting is so creative and JJ Abrams' skill in storytelling is well established. I'm counting the days to opening.  Leonard Nimoy

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