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2014 February 04

">Link @ NCBonnie1:
Recent Grammy winners Pharrell Williams and Bruno Mars have acknowledged you as an inspiration. What are your comments about that?

altLeonard Nimoy: Bruno Mars and Pharrell are such greately talented people! And they've come into my life and become part of my freindship - circle. I admire them both and I am grateful that they enjoy 'Star Trek' and Spock. 

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@ BrubakerID: Do you still use film in your photography these days or have you made the digital transition? Which do you prefer? 

altLeonard Nimoy: My most recent photography work has been digital. I did my own black&white photography work for many years on film, I processed my own film, made all my own prints. I don't spend time in the darkroom any more, I call my digital printing person and tell them: 'Make me a print' and it works out as well. I get to spend more time with my family. 

@lawj611: Do you have a favorite Spock scene that you did?

altLeonard Nimoy: There are several. I think in 'The Naked Time' where we find out about Spock's internal struggle was a very important scene for the Spock character. In 'Amok Time' meeting T'Pau, the matriarch of the Vulcan planet introducing this (giving the Vulcan salute) and 'Live long and prosper!' for the very first time. Those are a couple of very important scenes for Spock. 

@BigBrother1998: Have you ever pondered taking a crack at directing again? 

altLeonard Nimoy: I don't see directing again in the future of my life. It takes a tremendous amount of time and energy to do that kind of work. And my personal time is too precious to  me these days. I would not consider giving up that time and direct. I had a wonderful time directing. I'm grateful for the opportunity, I think, I'm done with it. 

@ColbertReport: Any idea if you'll have a role in Star Trek XIII?

altLeonard Nimoy: I have no idea about my future in Star Trek. I have not heard about any specific plans for my involvement. Zachary Quinto is doing a great job as Spock these days. He's carrying the load very well. Chris Pine is a wonderful actor, they are all good people. They are all wonderful. I think they get along very well without me. If they call me I'll take the phone call. 

altLink (Thanks to Matthias for sharing this link!)

Leonard Nimoy: JJ is a wonderful story teller. He knows how to tell a story. He knows where the drama is, he knows where the humor is. He knows where the adventure is.



And he loves movies. He's a love for 'Star Trek' and he found a way to crack it open for an entirely new audience and made a lot moe people conscious of 'Star Trek' and countable watching the 'Star Trek' movie where they didn't feel they have to squeeze themselves into a Trekker or Trekkie mole and wanted to enjoy it. They didn't have to know all about 'Star Trek'. They could come in enjoy this movie as a person who has never seen anything of 'Star Trek' before. 


">Link (thanks to Alicia!)
Leonard Nimoy on Mindmelding: Gene Roddenberry came up with the idea that somebody can 'tap into' a person's mind and mate with that mindmeld, literally meld with that mind. and extract information. 


( a clip from Star Trek The Search For Spock is shown) As he originally wrote it it, it was a dangerous procedure because if his mind is in trouble and if I meld, mate with that mind could be infected with these problems and could become damaged.
So it was a dangerous thing for me to do as Spock. But that's the way it was first introduced. 


">Link Leonard Nimoy: Star Trek V was Bill Shatner's time of that. I had directed III and IV and he wanted a chance directing a Star Trek movie and I thought he deserved it. 
altIt was a tough location - film. The terrain was kind of hilly, it was kind of a shale surface. We had to come running down. I was worried about De Kelly, frankly. (a clip is shown) I thought De might have a tough time coming down that hillside running, because the ... was kind of slippery and you could loose your footing. So we started comiong down, Bill Shatner was directing, and I was trying to find my way, and here came De Kelly coming down like a mountain goat. I couldn't believe it! He sprang. Boom, boom, boom. He was at the bottom while I was still trying to get there. It was amazing! 


">Link  Leonard Nimoy on the Vulcan Neck Pinch: There was a scene where I was supposed to come up behind him. And it was written that I come up from the back and hit him with the bottom of a phaser. And I said: That was my work in 'Gunsmoke', 'Wagon Train', but I don't think it was 23rd century Vulcan trade to hit a guy on the head with a gun, you know? (laughs)alt And he said: What would you like to do? And I said: Well, you know, let's understand that Spock studied the Vulcan anatomie at the Vulcan institute of technology.
altAnd Vulcans have that energy that comes out fo their fingertips. Applied to the proper pressure poingt on a human. he goes unconscious. And that's the way the Vulcan Neck Pinch was born. 


Link  Leonard Nimoy on that final scene [referring to Star Trek II]: The fact that Spock died at the end of that movie, a very emotional wrenching scene, though fo rme to play, (the scene is shown), because I thought if we really did that it was the end of the Spock character. I really believed when we went to make that film that this would be the final Star Trek movie. 
At the time we got around to playing that scene I've begun to change my mind. I thought this is going so well, I might have made a terrible mistake letting Spock die. (laughs)
altAt the very last momemt Harve Bennett comes to me on the set and says to me: Is there anything you can give us that might be a string into the future for the Spock character?
I thought: Oh, okay. What can we do here?


alt And I said: I can simply say in a mind meld with McCoy who's now unconscious on the floor just say: Remember! And that was the threat that carried us into the next Star Trek movies.  



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