Leonard Nimoy on CNN

alt2014 February  11

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Piers Morgan: What is the message to have to communite to people ...

... watching who have to or perhaps are perhaps 60, 70, gave up smoking, ... and might be worried they have this?
altLeonard Nimoy: The good news now is that people have begun to understand that smoking can be dangerous. When I started smoking you didn't have that in the atmosphere. People thought smoking is terrific. In fat the big advertizing campain for Camels was more doctors smoked Camel than any other cigarett. 
Piers Morgan: Which is extraordinary!

Leonard Nimoy: You saw doctors in a white coat, holding a cigarette sitting behind a dest and smiling at you. Then they also said things like: Camels are good for your T-zone, good for your teeth and good for your throat. Amazing. They were able to do that kind of stuff.
Piers Morgan: Right.
altLeonard Nimoy: It was kind of cool, OK. Doctors say it's right, what's wrong with it? Today we know it's not OK, so at least to have that kind of help to get a mind set, to get rid of it, to get rid of the addiction. It is an addiction. It is not easy to stop. I had to go through  a couple programs back in that days. 
Piers Morgan: How many were you smoking a day? 
Leonard Nimoy: I was smoking a couple of packets. 
Look, I told people that I was an Olymic championship smoker. If there had been a championship in the addiction I could have qualified. I could smoke in the shower, I could have smoked any place. It was part of my culture, part of the gang. my guys, people I hung out with. It was cool being able to light a cigarette. And when I was in the army for two years the tabacco companies came around giving away free samples for the GIs. And the army facilitated that, made it possible for them to come in and give a free sample. And there was a ten minute break: Okay, smoke if you got them!
altThat was the by-word. It was in the culture.
Today we have a different culture, fortunately. And people can be helped psychialogically to understand it is not a good thing to do. But we have to treat it different and understand: It is not too early to quit.
People think: Oh, maybe in 10 years I'll quit. The damage is being done every day aou light a cigarette. You are loosing cells in your lungs. 







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