Star Trek # 71 Whom Gods Destroy
Star Trek - The Original Series (TOS)

altalt1969 January 03

Executive producer: Gene Roddenberry
Associate producers: Edward K. Milkis and Gregg Peters
Producer Fred Freiberger

Co-producer: Robert H. Justman
Story consultant: Arthur H. Singer
Story by: Jerry Sohl and Lee Erwin
Writer: Lee Erwin

Captain Kirk: William Shatner
Science Officer, First Officer, Cmdr. Spock: Leonard Nimoy
Dr. Leonard "Bones" Mc Coy: DeForest Kelly
Lt. Sulu: George Takei
Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott: James Doohan
Lieutenant Uhura: Nichelle Nichols
Garth of Izar: Steve Ihnat
Marta: Yvonne Craig
Donald Cory: Keye Luke

Stardate 5718.3
altaltElba II. The galaxy's insane people are treated on this planet and the Enterprise brings a new drug to cure them. Beaming down to hand over the drug Kirk and Spock meet the colony's governor Donald Cory - or so they think, but it is Garth of Izar, a former Starfleet Captain, who has developed the ability to change his appearance.
Garth has the real Donald Cory imprisoned. alt


Garth is insane and has taken over control of the colony. The mentally ill inhabitants follow him as their Lord. 



He plans to take over the Enterprise and dreams of being in command over a fleet.

Therefor Garth appears as Kirk and wants to be beamed on board. Scotty offers a move on the chess board. Kirk (Garth) answers that he doesn't want to play chess now. Scotty repeats the offer. Again Kirk (Garth) does not answer the correct move and says. "Just testing". Scotty is sure: Something is wrong down there. Kirk would not have tested him.
Garths madness shows as he bursts out with rage. His plan has not succeeded. He must try to get the code form Kirk.
altHe invites Kirk and Spock to a banquet and has Marta, an Orion woman, dancing for them. Spock says the dance reminds him about the dances taught to Vulcan children in nursery school, but he admits that children are not so well suited for it.

When Spock openly counters to Garth's babbling of power and glory, the man becomes furious and orders him to be jailed.



He tortures Cory in an attempt to make Kirk reveal the code to stop his suffering.






Kirk is still treated as a guest. While he's resting, Marta enters his quarters and attacks him with a knife, but is stopped by Spock.




This Spock talks a lot more and suggests Kirk what to order, he says he escaped his prison and managed to get weapons and seems eager to get back on board. Kirk calls Scott, who states a move of chess, clearly waiting for a correct answer. Kirk orders Spock "You give Scotty the code, if you are Spock." He is not.



Garth celebrates his crowning as Lord of the universe. The attempt to get Kirk's cooperation by offering him a high position is not met by a lot of enthusiasm neither.

Trying to intimidate Kirk Garth does not mind to kill Marta in a horrible way. He sends her outdoors in a not breathable atmosphere and watches her through the window while she is struggling for air. Then he triggers some device which blows up the woman. alt

Two guards are ordered to fetch Spock. Maybe the captian speaks when he sees his friend suffer. Spock hears the to guards approach and lies down. The two fetch him and while they transport him he stands up and applies the neck pinch.


Getting to the main room he faces two Kirks. Garth had seen him coming on a screen.


They are fighting each other and Spock has to find out who's the real one.

Each Kirk claims to be the true one and urges Spock to shoot the other, but Spock hesitates, until one of the Kirks shouts "Shoot both of us!" Spock shoots the other one who, when unconscious, turns into Garth. 


They free Cory and Garth is given the new drug which will cure him.


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