Whales Alive!


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Voices: whales
Roger Wayne: whale-song recording
Paul Halley: organ
Paul Winter: saxophone
Leonard Nimoy: narrations

Leonard Nimoy reads the spoken text introducing the parts ranging from "Whales Weep Not!" to Elizabeth Kemf's "Dawnwatch".  Leonard approached Roger Payne (an expert in recording of whale-songs) to do the sound effects. Organist Paul Halley and Paul Winter (soprano saxophone), who created the music, are friends and colleagues for a long time. The words of poetry and prose were chosen from a broad range of whale-related literature.

 "They say the sea is cold, but it contains the hottest blood of all. And the wildest. The most urgent. All the Whales in the wider deeps - hot are they as they urge on and on and dive beneath the icebergs. ....  There they blow, there they blow... hot...  wild..."  

1. Whales Weep Not! (Overture)
2. Dawnwatch
3. George And Gracie
4. Turning
5. Concerto For Whale And Organ
6. Humphrey's Blues
7. Queequeg And I/The Water Is Wide
8. Ocean Dream
9. The Voyage Home (Finale)



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